Worked with Lois yesterday she turned up on time came with lovely outfits she’s a very striking look we produced some great shots easy to work with l would work with her again and recommend her..
— Peter 'pierre 1', October 2019
I had my 4th shoot with the lovely Lois and what an absolute joy she is to work with. She is bubbly, friendly, a great conversationalist and above all a really great model. Pre coms were excellent and we decided to do a 1920’s themed shoot with some studio work to start with and then travel for an outdoor shoot around the revamped Folkestone station and Folkestone Arm. Lois arrived by train, which was on time, looking great and carrying a very heavy bag full of clothing and props. Lois suited the theme so well and the images we produced really did have the nostalgic 20’s feel. I can’t praise her enough for her professional attitude, attention to detail and the great way she poses. I am delighted with the images we captured and I hope Lois likes them too. I would highly recommend her to any photographer and I am very much looking forward to working with her again. Well done Lois and thanks for making it a really great shoot.
— David Marsh, August 2019
I attended a workshop at Stratford Studios where Lois was the model, she was very professional, chatty and pleasant to work with. The resulting images were fabulous and I hope to be able to shoot with her again soon. Highly recommended.
— Robert 'Cre8tive Capture', July 2019
I’ve recently booked Lois for one of my studio workshops, and she was fantastic.

She’s a beautiful and graceful model, very professional, and poses well, with or without directions. She came early, well prepared and with an excellent selection of outfits and props.

Loved working with her and I would hope to have her again in the studio soon.
— Gabriel Nita, May 2019
Lois persuaded me to shoot again after taking an indefinite break. ?I have worked with Lois before, had a good rapport and know that any project I did with Lois would yield brilliant results. SO we did an outside shoot and things went well. Thank you Lois, recommended
— Kyle Tallett, April 2019
Lois was the model on a group shoot I attended.

She was energetic, came full of posing ideas and was great fun to work with. Highly recommended!
— Chris Wade, April 2019
Lois was the model for a photo walk/workshop I organised through London’s West End.

She arrived on time and ready to shoot. She brought a lot of enthusiasm to the shoot and worked well with the photographers participating.

Highly recommend
— Scotty Mack, April 2019
My first shoot with the awesome Lois. We had agreed a fifties style video and Lois did not disappoint. Her outfits fitted our theme superbly and Lois prepared her makeup and hair to a highly professional standard. Lous is amazing to work with and quickly picked up direction for our short film. The rushes look superb. I heartily recommend Lois and look forward to shooting with her again.

You rocked it Lois thank you !!!!
— Howard "P2Photography", April 2019
Arranged an outdoor shoot on a very cold evening with Lois who was a real joy to work with.

Excellent pre-comms and she even bought along some dazzling retro outfits which really helped bring the photos to life along with her immaculate styling.

Lois got the gist of what I was trying to capture very quickly so hardly any direction was needed.

Lois was also very conscientious of the small details that I sometimes miss when shooting - was greatly appreciated to work with someone so professional. Would highly recommend her.
— Keith THFC, January 2019
I had a great shoot with Lois at Thurston Lodge. She was excellent with styling and makeup. She is very easy to work and we got some exceptional fashion and portrait photos. I hope to work with Lois again sometime in the future.
— Peter 'Tarmoo', November 2018
Arranged a 3rd photoshoot with Lois for today in Folkestone, based on a 50’s theme. Let me start by saying it more than met my expectations. Lois is without a doubt a lovely person and a wonderful model to work with. Pre-comms were excellent and we had a good idea of the images we were trying to shoot. She brought with her a variety of items that were used during the shoot together with some changes of clothing. Lois arrived exactly on time with her makeup done to a high standard and her hair looking absolutely stunning. She posed effortlessly and no guidance was required although she takes direction very well. Lois is a true professional working in very cold conditions whilst struggling with a sore throat and the results can be seen in the images we produced.
Lois is already a young, talented, beautiful model who is great to get along with and gives 110% to the she shoot and I am sure she will have an amazing future making many more photographers as delighted as I am.
Very highly recommended. Fantastic model and lovely lady. Can’t wait for my 4th shoot!
Thank you Lois!!
— David Marsh, November 2018
Lois visited me at my home studio today. Good pre shoot comms. I booked Lois because she has a natural look, which is great for portrait photographers like me. You will find her to be a very polite and likeable young lady who is a pleasure to be around. I am pleased with the images I achieved. Totally recommended.
— Kyle Tallett, September 2018
Wonderful home studio shoot today with Lois. Short-notice change due to rain from a woodland shoot! Despite this Lois was relaxed and well prepared, arriving made up and ready to work
Lois models for the camera effortlessly and patiently with great pre-shoot comms.
Comes highly recommended by me!
— David Tovey, August 2018
Having worked with lovely Lois about a year ago when we produced some great images, we decided it was about time we arranged a second shoot. Lois suggested a milk bath shoot as the main theme which got me looking up the alchemy of a milk mix and going on a trip to the local Tesco. Pre coms were excellent and we had a good idea of what we were going to achieve. Prior to plunging into the milk mix Lois posed for a selection of high key images which I loved. Lois took the plunge and looked absolutely stunning against the milky backdrop. It was fun sprinkling various rose petals, confetti and bits of garden greenery into the mix. Her make-up had been done to a fantastically high standard and really did compliment the images. I absolutely loved working with Lois. She is a great model - she poses brilliantly and looks amazing. She is also really friendly and the whole shoot was fun from start to finish. I would highly recommend her to any photographer and I am looking forward to working with her again soon. Thanks Lois for a really great day and producing some stunning images.
— David Marsh, August 2018
I’ve just returned from working with Lois at The Cottage Studio again, and (just as with my earlier shoot with her) I was extremely impressed with her thorough professionalism, attitude and calmness. Lois didn’t waste any time, was totally committed and attentive throughout and worked very hard to create some beautiful pictures under difficult circumstances.

It’s very evident that Lois doesn’t just copy stock modelling poses, but really imbues each image with her own uniquely beautiful, elegant and graceful style. Thus, working with Lois adds so much more to both the creative process and finished image.

Highly recommended.
— David 'rointhos', July 2018
I booked Lois a few weeks ago to model using the HMS Belfast as a backdrop in “Beauty and Destruction”. Her precomms leading upto the shoot were amazing. Today she turned up on time with both hair and make up flawless.
She had the outfits we discussed available and the shoot began.
Throughout the shoot Lois posed with effortless grace and style and with minimal direction helped me achieve some flawless images.

I wish to thank her for being so professional and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.
— John Frost, June 2018
I booked Lois for a studio evening at my camera club 3 months ago however there is never enough time to get more than a few quick shots during these events so I booked Lois for a one to one shoot for yesterday.
Pre comms were clear and Lois turned up with make up as requested and a selection of outfits for the various ‘room’ set ups at Rochester Studios where we held the shoot. The studio doesn’t currently have studio lights which suited me as I’m looking to build my experience shooting with speed lights and Lois was very patient with me as I experimented with different light arrangements and modifiers during the shoot.
Lois poses confidently herself and also responds well to directions.
I’m really pleased with the results from the shoot and highly recommend Lois as a model to work with.
— Roger Nolan, May 2018
Meet Lois at Studio 49. Lovely portrait achieved as Lois does have an “English Rose” quality. Lois takes great direction and the outfits from the 40’s worked very well. Would happily work with Lois again.
— Tim Ahern, May 2018
I had a thoroughly enjoyable and productive time working with Lois at The Cottage Studio today.

Lois was friendly, fun and professional from start to finish, and worked incredibly hard throughout to interpret and animate my thoughts and ideas into some truly beautiful poses. Lois has a real gift for being able to not only identify the sort of images the photographer is aiming for, but also the intended mood and atmosphere, and then deliver them in a wonderfully subtle and beautiful way.

When you combine this with her innate aesthetic awareness, professionalism and excellent modelling skills, you have a truly outstanding model whom I highly recommend.
— David 'rointhos', April 2018
Another amazing shoot with Lois. She always comes prepared and on time, gives my ideas a go and also provides valuable input. Makeup is of a high standard and requires very little post work. I would happily recommend Lois.
— Miss Elisabeth UK, April 2018
Well I had my first Photoshoot with Lois yesterday and what a lovely young lady she is, she was amazing, she can take direction and when left she can also pose herself nicely, her approach is very professional, she turned up with an array of beautiful cloths to suit the brief and was very easy to work with enjoying what she does. We got a selection of quite amazing pictures I would certainly highly recommend Lois I am planning a theme based photoshoot with her and simply cannot wait.
— Anthony Rigg, March 2018
Dave has already provided a reference for our camera club shoot last night but as I booked Lois I thought I’d add my comments.
Pre-comms worked perfectly with Lois bringing all that was requested. She presented herself for the shoot immaculately made up with the choices of outfit and some accessories as requested. She worked well and confidently with the wide range of experience amongst the club’s members. She was easy going, friendly and posed comfortably without prompting. The evening went very well for our members which was in large part due to Lois and our other model Ecce.
I look forward to the opportunity to work on a one to one basis with Lois myself.
Highly recommended
— Roger Nolan, February 2018
Lois came to model for a camera club portrait evening which I was helping to organise. I finally got to take a few shots at the end of the evening. At the end of an intensive two hour session, Lois was still looking good and posing with enthusiasm.

I would happily recommend her to any photographer, newbie or old hand.
— Dave Belsham, February 2018
Lois was excellent and I would highly recommend her. Good pre-comms, prompt and very professional. We done a two hour shoot around Rochester and Lois made it very easy to get some great shots. Hope we can work together again.
— Ian Hills, February 2018
Not long returned from a great afternoon working with Lois. Our first shoot together .. hopefully not the last.
Pre-comms fantastic, concise and timely, allowing shoot planning to develop with ease. Working to improve on my studio based portraiture, Lois was extremely patient with me as lighting configurations tweaked, adjusted and changed.
Lois arrived with beautifully applied make up and pretty much ready to shoot. We achieved a number of different looks and lighting setups. Lois poses with ease and took direction well (not that much direction is needed).
Would love to work together again, with tentative ideas discussed for a later date.
Highly recommended.
Thank you for a great afternoon, Paul.
— Stormbringer, January 2018
Had a wonderful pleasure of doing a shoot with Lois today in my little studio. Throughout she was very professional, friendly, has a great personality and took direction well. Arrived on time fully repaired and ready with a bag packed full of fashion clothes and accessories as requested.
Pre-coms were excellent. Without any doubts I highly recommend her and will work with her again.
Thank you for a fantastic shoot.
— MikeGphotography, January, 2018
Contact was made through Instagram ...
It was a very cold December morning but the sun was out and I got some amazing natural light shots. I did tell Lois that I would want to photograph her again when the weather picks up, if she would permit me.
— Sacha Alleyne, December 2017
I had a great shoot with Lois - everything from pre-shoot comms to her presentation (flawless make-up) and professionalism during the shoot stood out for me in terms of what I expect from a great model.

Would recommend to photographers of all levels.
— Elizabeth Stanbury, December 2017
Lois modelled an outrageous frock against the London Christmas lights for me and did a simply splendid job under adverse circumstances (drizzle, cold, passers-by offering comments etc.). I have some first-rate results thanks to her efforts.

If you want a beautiful, tall, elegant, fashion model with a strong work ethic, Lois will be hard to beat.
— Chris Ennis, December 2017
Lois is a fantastic model, so friendly, professional and really beautiful. Takes guidance well and time really flew with her.

Precomms was very good and the photos we produced are brilliant. One thing I want to mention is that her sense of style is amazing! Her dresses are stunning and she really know how to pose to make the most of them

Highly recommended!
— Ilus Photography, November 2017
I had the pleasure of working Lois at a recent studio portrait evening.
Lois brings style, poise & an amazing look to a shoot, very easy to work with taking direction well but just as able to pose confidently on her own.
I really enjoyed working with Lois & I hope to do so in the future.
Highly recommended, thank you for a great shoot
— C-Imagery, November 2017
I had the pleasure of working with Lois this evening where she was our photographic group’s model for a portrait evening at the Coach House Photography studio.

Lois has a wonderful look, fantastic smile and great a personality, excellent posing ability and takes direction well.

I highly recommend working with Lois.
— PHPhotography, November 2017
I had the pleasure of shooting with Lois recently at my local photography group. She is a great model who very quickly gets into the flow of things creating a bunch of great images.

She has fantastic frizzy hair which works great with backlit setups and not something you see too often with models.

Very much recommended and look forward to working with her again.
— Nick Price, November 2017
I had a great shoot with Lois who was great at communicating, arrived promptly and prepared, and coped well with the chilly weather! We tried some creative shots and traditional portraits in the low sunlight and captured some great shots. I would definitely recommend Lois who’s a lovely person to work with.
— Anthony G, November 2017
Had a shoot with Lois on the weekend, turned up with a great natural look and was super easy to get along with. Works great in front of the camera and with coming up with ideas and poses.

Highly recommend!
— Daniel Fletcher, October 2017
I shot with Lois yesterday and it was absolutely amazing, we did loads of really creative concepts and Lois just posed amazingly in every one. We got so many incredible shots, really consistent perfection. I’d highly recommend her, she’s so easy to work with, good fun, and unbelievably talented.
— James Westlake, September 2017
I had a great shoot with Lois last Tuesday and what a joy she is to work with. Arrived on time with makeup and hair done to a fantastic standard. Pre coms were excellent and we spent 3 hours shooting some great images. If you get the chance to work with this extremely talented model you should jump at it. Can’t wait to work with her again.
— David Marsh, August 2017
Another great shoot with Lois. She never fails to deliver on our briefs. Can’t wait until our next shoot!
— Miss Elisabeth UK, July 2017
Super outdoor shoot with Lois in Whitsable. Confident and well able to follow my ideas and make them into reality. I really recommend working with Lois.
— David Tovey, May 2017
Lois and I had our second shoot today and once again the results were tremendous. Good pre-planning and exchange of ideas made a complicated series of scenes and lighting effects go smoothly. Lois has a presence and a look that is such a bonus to any portrait photographer’s portfolio. Highly recommended.
— David Tovey, January 2017
Had a brilliant first shoot with Lois today. Would definitely work with her again. Lois is professional and easy to work with. Thank you Lois for a great shoot!
— Miss Elisabeth UK, October 2016
Had my first of what i hope will be many shoots with this stunning young lady Monday Such a pretty face, Gorgeous eyes and great legs
Pre shoot Coms where excellent. We put together some really good ideas, Shame the weather decided to play its part and pour with rain for the duration of the shoot but we still got plenty of photos both indoors and out side in the gardens as she braved the cold and wet weather. . Iv nothing but praise for Lois She really does work so hard for great images 100% recommended
— Dikki Hurst, April 2016
I had a very productive studio based shoot with Lois. Lois provided great pre-shoot communication coupled with good ideas and style board. Relaxed, taking direction easily and fun to work with, Lois provided her own wardrobe and make up. Recommended and I hope to work with her again in the not too distant future!! David Tovey.
— David Tovey, April 2016